Our story begins in 1998

in the heart of the diversity and simplicity of the Ruhr area, to be precise: in Mülheim an der Ruhr. An area with an industrial past and a green vision. Few people here shy away from hard work and honest friendship. Open-minded, open and authentic – this is how many people see the Ruhr area and its residents.

We see Mazine as a tribute to our roots, to the colorful and the diversity. Through high-quality and sustainable designs with strong technical details, we remain true to our roots and therefore our attitude. Responsibility merges with functionality and sustainability with urban street style.

We don't design clothes for selected target groups. MAZINE is destined to unite.

Our future is sustainable

We design all of our products with the greatest connection to nature. It is not only a source of inspiration, but also a happy place, work place and so much more. We don't just see sustainability as a trend, we consciously focus on sustainable, long-lasting and regenerative materials instead of inexpensive mass-produced goods. We see ourselves as part of the change in the fashion industry and work with our entire team every day to become even better. We are tired of empty promises, so it is particularly important to us to create maximum transparency. As a brand, we have met the strict ecological and social requirements of the GOTS and GRS certificates, are PETA approved vegan and are already working with our suppliers and producers on SA8000 certification. Our collections are therefore vegan, made largely from organically produced natural fibers and do not use toxic chemicals. Why is this so important to us?

We want to keep our impact on the environment as minimal as possible and develop clothes that bring us and nature joy.

What does that mean?

As most of us already know, the fashion industry has more than doubled in size in the last 10 years. According to this, around 76.4 million tons of clothing are produced worldwide every year. Of course, the rapid growth has a number of reasons, such as the enormous consumer behavior of us humans, which is further and further stimulated and advertised by the oversupply of countless web shops and retailers on the Internet.

At Mazine we don't want fast fashion, we want to develop and support fair and sustainable alternatives. We rely on timeless design, a conscious use of resources and nature and the development of innovative and modern solutions. It is particularly important to us that all people involved in Mazine benefit from fair working conditions and appropriate payment - and this across the entire supply chain. Because this is the only way we can ensure that the high quality standard and long durability of our clothes is guaranteed. We can currently produce a large part of our collection sustainably, but by no means everything. But we continue to pursue the goal of being able to offer our entire production in a sustainable and certified way as quickly as possible and to ensure more transparency.

We make fashion from trash

We believe that there is great potential right here to tackle the littering of the earth by giving old clothes, plastic bottles and other rubbish a new life. We turn trash into clothes, not clothes for trash. A large part of our collection already consists of recycled polyester fibers. Since we know that there is also a lot of greenwashing going on here and we want to work with the highest industry standards for our products, we are currently in negotiations with our suppliers and production facilities in order to obtain the GRS certificate for all our polyester fabrics as quickly as possible . Of course, that doesn't mean that our ultimate goal is to continue to avoid waste.

Because it all comes in circles!

Also on the agenda for 2023 is the SA8000 certification of our production facility in China, where we have a large part of our outerwear produced. We are particularly proud of having maintained a friendly and close relationship with our producers for years and not only want to collect certificates, but also give the people involved in Mazine the chance to be part of a more sustainable future.

Because there is only one future and it has to be sustainable!