We began our story in Muelheim an der Ruhr in 1998, right in the heart of the legendary German “Ruhrpott“. An area well known for its industrial past and present, with a pulsebeat of steel. People from here never shy away from hard work and cultivate honest friendships. Open-minded, candid and authentic – that’s how many see the “Ruhrpott” and its inhabitants.

Inspired by this, MAZINE is a tribute to our home. It’s about staying true to our origin and attitude, which we hope is reflected in our high quality designs and strong technical details. For us, MAZINE is more than just a brand or clothing – it’s an optimistic attitude towards life. We create urban streetwear for open-minded people. For those, who live their lives to the fullest. With our clothes we aim to bring people together, not separate them. That’s why MAZINE is designed for

Everybody From Everywhere!